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Don’t sweat the details. Save time.We’ve got the details covered, both nationwide and worldwide, as you seek to hire a professional pet moving service.

The PetTour service is a professional pet movers service based in shanghai China since 1999. we have provided more than 2000 customers with both pet export and pet import services. We are dedicated to make sure that our customers’ pets are in safe hands during transit.No matter if you are importing or exporting a pet, PetTour is always your best choice for pet shipping – knowledgeable, dependable and professional.

Service Items

  • China-China pet moves
  • China-internation pet moves China-internation pet moves
  • Application for permits,Certificates,CITES&Pet Passport
  • Arrange Quarantine facilites,veterinary inspection,Cargo boarding&Boarding
  • Kennel Provide airline approved travel crate and transportation
  • Complete all travel arrangements and bookings for your pet on the most direct and pet friendly flights
  • Door to Door pickup and delivery service – anywhere in the world
  • Advice on special overseas requirements and quarantine laws
  • Preparation of full travel documentation
  • Process Customs clearance
  • Provide IATA approved flight kennels
  • Coordinate quarantine arrangements where required

Whatever your needs, rest assured that your pet’s move will be managed with close attention to detail by our caring team of experienced pet shipping professionals — pet owners themselves.

  • Household pets (dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, pocket pets, reptiles, etc.)
  • Horse transport — Nationwide, Worldwide, from the China
  • Exotics — do you have your CITES permits?

Contact one of our friendly pet moving specialists today to discover why ?PetTour movers is a relocating pet’s best friend!

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