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For your pets export requirements. The most important thing to remember is just like human travel, passport is required. Pets also need additional documentation in order to travel to its desired country. Each countries rules are different. Not having the right documents can lead to fines, quarantine and sometime the pet being destroyed.

Contact one of our friendly pet moving specialists today to discover why PetTour movers is a relocating pet’s best friend!We have put together some helpful tips in transporting your pet as safely and comfortable as possible:

  • Purchase your shipping kennel several weeks ahead of your pet’s trip. Give your pet treats in the kennel and begin confining your pet in the kennel for short periods of time. Never use the kennel for PUNISHMENT.
  • Cover the floor of the travel kennel with shredded newspaper or a travel diaper and place a worn T-shirt or other personal items with your pet. The familiar scent from the garment can reduce stress.
  • On the day of departure, try not feeding your pet as this may lead to the pet soiling the Kennel. Traveling inside a soiled kennel can lead to stress and unpleasant journey.
  • It is recommended that your pet have access to water prior to flight with significant time to exercise and relieve itself before entering the kennel for the flight.
  • Check that you have all the necessary documents for the pet. Insufficient or uncertified documents, can lead to fines, quarantine and sometimes the pet being destroyed.

For more information on how to transport your family pet, please contact us.

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