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Import Service For Your Pet to China

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You are about to bring along your lovely pet to this country? Then our experienced and expertised services to import your pet would make things easy to you. Please contact us and we could

  • apply the import license for your pet
  • provide consultation or assistance on preparing all documentations specialized for your pet
  • provide pick-up service in ports or airport terminals with custom clearance
  • provide delivery of your pet to home, quarantine or boarding kennel

Pet owners are allowed to bring in one pet per passport. You will need a “Z-visa” (official employment visa) to import your pet. You will need the following documents to clear health & quarantine requirements.

  • Official certification of recent rabies vaccination
  • An official certificate from your current country (e.g., government office) for exporting your pet outside of the country
  • A health certificate (or letter) prepared by your veterinarian in your current country, attesting to the health of your pet

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