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Dog Registration Regulations

5月 23, 2011PetTourKnowledge0
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Dog Registration Regulations – 2011 update on the laws in Beijing.

Official Dog registration and licensing period in Beijing

All dogs in Beijing municipality must be registered. There are no exceptions. The law applies to dogs owned by diplomats as well as to service dogs

For NEW dogs (never previously registered): Pet owners may register newly adopted or imported dogs anytime after January 1st. Please inquire with your local Public Security Bureau (PSB) to register your new dog. The registration will be valid from the date of registration payment until April 30, 2012

For dogs that are already registered: The registration renewal period for all dogs in BJ municipality runs from May 1st – 31st each year. The renewed dog license will be valid this year from May 1, 2011 to April 30, 2012
The Public Security Bureau (PSB) administers dog registrations and issues the licenses. Please check with your local PSB if you have any specific questions concerning registration of dogs in your neighborhood. Each local PSB precinct (Pai Chu Suo) will have the final say on registration of dogs within their neighborhoods.


There is no microchipping requirement in Beijing. Owners are recommended to attach a Pet ID tag to the collar with the mobile phone number engraved on the tag

PetTour can custom-engrave Pet ID tags for pet owners on-site. Engraving takes just a few minutes.

Size Restrictions on Dogs and Registering Multiple Dogs

Dogs registered within the 8 major districts of Beijing Municipality (e.g., Chaoyang, Dongcheng, Xicheng, Chongwen, Xuanwu, Haidian, Fengtai, and Shijingshan) must not be taller than 35 cm from the ground to shoulder

Only one dog may be registered per household address. If you own multiple dogs, you will need a second household address to register the second dog.

Initial Registration of your Dog

If you are registering your dog for the very first time, you DO NOT NEED TO SHOW PROOF OF RABIES VACCINATION to the PSB. Explain to the police that you are registering your dog FOR THE FIRST TIME

The PSB’s assumption is that newly adopted dogs or puppies have not yet been rabies vaccinated by the new owner. Once you pay the registration fee and receive your license, you are eligible to go to an officially designated animal vaccination hospital for a FREE or significantly discounted rabies vaccination

The International Center for Veterinary Services is an officially designated animal vaccination hospital. Dogs registered in Chaoyang District are eligible for a FREE rabies vaccination with proof of valid license and the “fa piao” (official receipt) from the PSB

All registered dogs with valid licenses from any other districts are eligible for discounted rabies and other vaccinations. This is part of PetTour’ program to reward dog owners that have registered their dogs. The law requires all dogs in China to be rabies vaccinated each year. China does NOT recognize the 3-year animal vaccinations used by other countries

If your dog is spayed or neutered at an officially licensed and registered animal hospital such as PetTour, the hospital can issue you an official BJ “Spay/Neuter Certificate.” This spay/neuter certificate entitles the owner up to a 50% discount on the initial registration fee at the PSB (e.g., RMB 1,000.00 initial fee, reduced to RMB 500.00).

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